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One of our regulars, an optometrist who I've known for several years (he's got a son my age I went to school with), has been stopping by the restaurant on a regular basis to pick up to-go food. At least twice a week. One night, we were busy, and he came by to pick up an order. I brought it out to him, we were chit-chatting, and he said to me (so quietly I thought I'd misheard him) -- if you know anyone who's looking for full time work, let me know, I've got a job open in my office.

He gave me his email address, I emailed him. Turns out he's looking for an office manager for his Wilkesboro practice. I did a couple of observation days down there, and while it's a little disorganized (due to the current office manager having to run two branches), it seems like something I could do. Some clerical work, but it's mostly going to be billing insurances, checking in and initially interacting with patients, helping patients get fitted for glasses, etc.

Also, the pay is ridiculous. To the point where when he told me what it was, I felt like this:


To give you a ballpark figure, it's more than 2x my current take home pay. Plus full benefits! So I thought about it, and I'm taking the job. It's definitely not what I want to do forever, but it's a step in the right direction and I think the experience will be good for me. Plus if I absolutely hate it after six months, I can always quit. I'm a pro at quitting now (having put in my notice for two jobs in the span of three days. It would have been three for three if the ski resort had called me back!) That said, both of my bosses were very gracious when I told them I was leaving. That was nice, too.

Now all I have to do is finish my short story and October will be a very productive month!
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