Dec. 29th, 2016 08:39 pm
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Well, once again, I'm backing up my LJ to dreamwidth thanks to potential shenanigans. This time, it's political.

 padawansguide linked to this post from an LJ admin in one of her recent updates, which summarizes the major points of interest:

To wit:
  • The LJ servers may now be under the legal jurisdiction of Russia, not the US
  • The Russian government may now have unfettered access to all LJ content, especially including friends-locked content
  • That LJ users in Russia are at risk of persecution and prosecution for content (e.g. LGBT content, pro-Ukraine content) posted under lock in the previous 10+ years
  • That LJ users around the world may find their accounts deleted and their access terminated because of their political sentiments
  • That non-state actors - i.e. criminals - in Russia may wind up with access to locked LJ content, in a number of scenarios, ranging from "SUP sells our data to stay afloat" to "disgruntled employee decides to moonlight" to "government agent shares data got by the state with the Russian mafia for kicks/favors" to "hackers".
  • That the Kremlin will drive enough Russosphere users off LJ, that it will no longer be financially for SUP, and collapse economically, causing the lights to go out on LJ abruptly
So, yeah. Just in case, I'm on dreamwidth and my journal's up to date. Add me if you want! I'm still lurking and enjoy reading all of your posts, even if I don't comment much. And I paid for a premium account so I can have my goddamn icon space, because if 2017 takes LJ down, I'm at least going to keep my aesthetic!
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